Cheap Travel Destinations To Visit on a Budget

When times are tight on the wallet, it is often hard to justify getting away from everything, even if time allows for it, simply based on just how expensive such a trip can often be.

This isn’t always true, however – in fact, it is often much cheaper than you might think to experience the most amazing trip you can imagine.

Here are some of our cheap travel destinations that will offer a great trip that won’t cost you the earth, and above all give you a much-needed trip away from the rush of the everyday.

Cheap Travel Destinations: Greece

Cheap Travel Destination 1: Greece

One of the oldest and most storied civilisations in history, Greece remains one of the world’s greatest historical sites, rich with millennia of legends and stories. The land itself certainly never fails to inspire, with its beautiful villas, beaches and archipelagos.

Greece is a land that has long since heavily relied upon tourism, and they are fantastic at making travellers feel welcome as well as providing an unmatched level of entertainment and hospitality. In an effort to woo back travellers, prices have become cheaper than ever to get there, with return flights priced extremely well, and while the Euro isn’t as great an exchange as some currencies, accommodation and goods are very well-priced. Of particular note to travellers on a budget should be the island of Ýdhra, one of the most beautiful destinations of Greece. Entirely traffic-free, even bicycles are banned from the island.

Otherwise there is the city of Thessaloniki, one of the best tourist destinations worldwide. It remains a place with a rich history and plenty to see, and all manner of areas to explore. Regarded as the cultural capital of the country, with theatres, parks, archaeological sites, museums and festivals to enjoy, it would be easy to spend all of your holiday in Thessaloniki, and with the nightlife and exploration on offer, along with the amazing Greek cuisine, it’d be unlikely that you’d find a lack of things to do. Special mention goes to the food! The Mediterranean is a bounty of rich, powerful flavours and aromas, and it would be highly recommended to indulge in as many as you possibly can while there.

Cheap Travel Destinations: Samoa

Cheap Travel Destination 2: Samoa

This island paradise has much to offer for those wanting a great trip for a low cost. Trips to Samoa can be incredibly well-priced, including the cost of accommodation and activities.

Samoa is one of the more beautiful places in the Pacific ocean, an isolated, tranquil cluster of islands that has the advantage of bringing travellers far, far away from the maddening rush of the everyday world.

Samoa is one of the more beautiful places in the Pacific ocean, an isolated, tranquil cluster of islands that has the advantage of bringing travellers far, far away from the maddening rush of the everyday world. If you are looking for a relaxing, soothing trip away, you could not do much better than a trip to Samoa. If you are looking for a relaxing, soothing trip away, you could not do much better than a trip to Samoa.

Samoa is seemingly tailor-made to people who enjoy outdoor and water activities. The islands are dotted with waterfalls, some powerful, some sedate, but all of them a pleasure in their own way. There are tours known as ‘Waterfall Crawls’ – which take about half a day, or more depending on how much you might choose to linger at each one. And when that is done, there are plenty of scuba diving tours to engage on – scuba diving is relatively new to Samoa, and as such, there is little chance of the journeys being overcrowded.

Beautiful dive spots abound, with fish, stingrays, coral reefs and even whales. There are also rare turtles to swim with – in Savaii’s Satoalepai village there is a wetlands sanctuary where tourists can swim with half a dozen or more green turtles. This sanctuary is built for the safety and preservation of this endangered species, and it is one of the best ways of both supporting these creatures and enjoying their presence.

Cheap Travel Destinations: Philippines

Cheap Travel Destination 3: Philippines

A unique blend of cultures and influences girded by oceans and watched over by year- long sunshine, the Philippines never fails to excite and entice. With more in common to the central Americas than Asia, the Philippines are perhaps one of the more exotic locations which a person can visit. With a blend of Islamic, Malay, Spanish and American culture, it is fair to say you’ll never be bored in this exciting country – and with the low costs involved, won’t break the budget either.

Outside of the showy capital of Manila, to the north lies Subic Bay, with its theme parks, beaches and wreck dives, before taking a bus ride to the mountains of northern Luzon, and the city of Baguio. From there, tribal communities and historical sites await, such as the colonial town of Vigan, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Many islands and islets also appeal, for those more interested in relaxing by the beach rather than trekking through the mountains. The Visayas, right at the heart of the archipelago, are the best known and the most alluring, while the largest city in the region is Cebu City, where most domestic flights go to. Whatever you do in the Philippines, make sure you find a chance to go swimming with the whale sharks off the coast of Sorsogon, a once in a lifetime experience that has to be seen to be believed. As an alternative to Manila, it has much to offer, being both more affordable, with great nightlife and being far more friendly to tourists. Diving opportunities abound all over, as well as some spectacular treks and explorations.

There are many islands that see very few people, and it is more than possible to bypass some of the more popular tourist routes and see things that are relatively untouched by others. A great time to visit is during the dry season, through from November to April each year. Flights are inexpensive and readily available, as well as accommodation. Whatever you do in the Philippines, make sure you find a chance to go swimming with the whale sharks off the coast of Sorsogon, a once in a lifetime experience that has to be seen to be believed.

Cheap Travel Destinations: Fiji

Cheap Travel Destination 4: Fiji

This exotic island paradise has plenty to offer, having been a tourism destination for decades. Some of the best dives in the world are found in Fiji, as well as surfing, enormous beaches and palm trees aplenty – it is safe to say that Fiji is another excellent location for someone looking to get away from everything.

Fiji is one of the most popular tourist destinations, with all year round tropical weather making it particularly appealing to anyone who wishes to get away from the chill of winter. With hundreds of little islands, only some of which are inhabited, there are plenty of places to go and explore via boat, usually on tour. It is remarkably easy to get as far away from the discomforts of normal life as one possibly can in Fiji, and it is fair to say that most individuals do just that when the chance is available to them.

Fiji also has some extraordinary and popular tourist destinations for those who don’t entirely want to get away from it all, or simply want to experience some of the best that the island chain has to offer. The botanical gardens of Thursten in Suva, the Sigatoka Sand Dunes and the Colo-I-Suva Forest park are three options on the mainland for people to enjoy, and on the outer islands there are many different scuba diving tours. But it is fair to say that the most popular sort of activity to spend in Fiji is centred around enjoying the relaxing accommodation – and soaking up the sun.

Cheap Travel Destinations: Vietnam

Cheap Travel Destination 5: Vietnam

Beautiful Vietnam is everything one could ask for when travelling on a budget. Not only is getting there inexpensive, but the budget per day of the trip itself is also wonderfully well-priced for the traveller, with a budget of less than a hundred dollars per day enough to savour relaxing accommodation, good meals and other soothing perks, with an hour-long massage costing less than ten dollars.

There are beaches, tours, and destinations aplenty in Vietnam. Chief among the best locations to visit is the wondrous Halong Bay – an immense, beautiful bay with more than 2000 islands dotting the expanse. Each island is forested, supporting birdlife in vast amounts, and the bay itself is full of floating bars, boat tours to islands and caves, and views and sights quite unlike anywhere else on earth.

Otherwise, one of the most popular and exciting locations for tourists to visit would be the city of Hoi An. A town revived purely by the tourism trade, it is not only full of well-priced escapes and enjoyment, but it is not difficult to travel a little outside of it to experience more traditional shades of Vietnamese life.

Vietnam is as busy or as relaxed as you need it to be. But by being inexpensive, enjoyable and atmospheric, it’s an easy choice for those wanting to experience the exotic on a budget.

So, if your considering Vietnam as your next holiday destination, be sure to check out our page on the best time to visit Vietnam, for details on the cheapest flights, on/off periods and things to do while in Bali.

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Cheap Travel Destination 6: Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are a series of small islands scattered out over an enormous area. In terms of an escape, there are few more complete and comprehensive than getting to the Cook Islands; with reasonably-priced flights to get there and a good value to the dollar for having an enjoyable time.

When you get there, you can divide your time between enjoying some of the most beautiful vistas known, such the incredible Aitutaki, a truly spectacular lagoon with accommodation in the Overwater bungalows. The islands are small and easy to get around, each offering their own little delights – there is whale-watching from June to October (from the shore in some places), and the food and culture of the islands is an absolute joy to experience.

Scuba diving is also highly recommended, the warm waters rich with life such as coral reefs, giant turtles and brightly-coloured fish. Not only are the islands beautiful, they are also safe and very friendly – the local people have a fantastic reputation, and the Cook Islands are based around a tourism economy. The prevalent attitude of the place seems to be to simply relax – and day spas at the major resorts are happy to help with that. With great all-year weather and a wonderful experience on offer for couples, families, or anyone wanting to simply slow down for a while, Cook Islands should be experienced by everyone at least once.

So there you have it – any one of these options can suit a modest budget, and offer either a heart-stirring adventure to last you the rest of your life – or give a welcome time away from the stress of the everyday. Whatever your tastes, it is possible for you to get away if you really need to – and not break the bank in doing so. There really is no better time than now – so get out there and enjoy yourself!

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