Surviving the holiday season: Safety tips for Christmas

It’s one of life’s paradoxes that, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, when we’re relaxing and having fun in the bosom of our families, the risk of accidents and injuries increases.

Though we’re off work and school-related duties, we get busy and stressed shopping and attending social engagements; we’re confronted with more road congestion; we tend to eat and drink to excess; and we’re more exposed to the dangers lurking in our homes.

While any one of these things in isolation might not be noteworthy, in combination they can set us up for a fall – literally and figuratively.

Climbing ladders

Falls from ladders, tables and other raised services are more prevalent during Christmas, when householders put up lights and decorations. These falls can result in lacerations and broken bones or, worse, serious head injuries.

Buying presents

Christmas presents are designed to bring children excitement and joy, but be careful the presents they receive don’t end in tears and heartache – for them or their loved ones. For the wrong present in the wrong hands can spell disaster.

Be careful the small, coin-sized lithium batteries that may come with older children’s toys don’t end up in the hands – and mouths – of younger children

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Drinking alcohol

Christmas and New Year sees a spike in work lunches, family get-togethers and late-night parties. By drinking in moderation you’ll avoid a whole host of complications that overindulgence can cause, including family arguments, falls and car accidents.

Installing lights

Many fires are triggered by some failure or malfunction in an appliance or a piece of equipment, including Christmas lights that are faulty or incorrectly installed.

Hitting the road

Australia’s road toll invariably spikes during the Christmas and New Year holidays, when traffic volumes increase dramatically and people travel longer distances on unfamiliar roads, sometimes while fatigued and/or speeding.

Going away?

The Christmas and New Year holidays are not only a high-season for the tourism industry but also for burglars. That’s because many homes are unoccupied during the holidays, making them prime targets.

Among the simple and practical things you can do to avoid coming home to a burgled house are:

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