Interesting Driving Laws

When you have been driving for a while, it is easy to think you’re familiar with all of the rules of the road, but more than likely there are a few you aren’t aware of, or have forgotten about. There have been some interesting laws historically as well. Did you know 40 kilometres per hour used to be considered a fast speed back in the day? We’ve collected some of the most interesting laws from the past and present; some of which may just give you a laugh.

  1. In NSW it is illegal to splash a bus passenger with mud after driving through a puddle, and if you do, it can cost you up to $169. In case you were wondering, it is permissible to splash a pedestrian with plain old water.
  2. It is illegal to drive through a yellow traffic light if you have time to stop, and in NSW and Victoria it can be punished the same as running a red traffic light.
  3. Double parking is considered a major offence in NSW where it can incur a fine of $236.
  4. Think parking on a footpath is fair game? Think again. It incurs a $304 fine in NSW.
  5. Surely tooting your horn and waving goodbye to a friend isn’t a problem, right? Actually if the law were enforced, you would pay up to $304 for illegally using a warning device, and pay the same amount again for allowing a limb to protrude from the vehicle. Resting your elbow on the window ledge also counts against you and passengers can be issued tickets for protruding limbs as well.
  6. A supervising driver can be fined if they fail to prevent an accident caused by the learning driver, such as in the event that they are talking on a mobile phone.
  7. It’s illegal to leave a car unlocked, to leave the windows open and to leave the key in the ignition if you plan on going more than three metres from your car. In NSW both a key left in the ignition and failing to secure the doors and windows can result in a $101 fine.
  8. When walking in NSW be sure to walk quickly when crossing the street; failing to cross quickly enough can result in a $67 ticket—the same price as crossing on a red light.
  9. Taking your dog for a walk while you are on your bicycle may sound like an ingenious idea, but it is actually illegal to lead an animal while driving a car or riding a bike.
  10. Think it’s OK to keep an old number plate? Failure to return a number plate after it has expired results in a $101 fine in NSW.


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