How will home automation affect your home’s value?

One of the trending selling points in real estate today is technology, and how much of it is installed in the home.

Some buyers won’t care and for others the technology may turn them off if they are more inclined to live a simple life, far away from traffic, car parks, and the constant intrusion of modern technology. The last thing this group want to do is rely on a system that could potentially malfunction.

Others may not mind the technology, but won’t have the patience to learn how to run it. Running an automated home to its fullest capability involves a lot of gizmos and gadgets—smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.—and they all take time to learn how to use. So while having an automated home will increase its value, it also might scare away potential buyers.

However, a lot of buyers will be very interested in what technology is installed, and how easily they can implement anything new. Some won’t consider buying a home that doesn’t have particular technical capabilities to make their lives safer and more convenient.

The home automation you have (or don’t have) installed could affect the resale value of your home – and when you are designing your home, you should consider the demographic that will most likely be interested when it comes time to sell.

When you’re selling a home, you need to get people’s attention and colour-changing lights can do just that. Special light bulbs can change colour to pretty much whatever shade you want including settings that help you relax and wake up. For example, you can program the lights to gradually turn on in the colours of a sunrise—a much more pleasant way to wake up than your alarm clock.

One of the bigger selling points of home automation is its potential to save money on power bills. New automation systems incorporate energy-efficient lights that can be turned on and off remotely. It also lets you control your home’s temperature from a mobile device, letting you program the temperature according to your schedule. Having these features installed will not only get people’s attention but also create some high bidding.

A major selling point in home automation is that it often comes with home security. Many families will do whatever it takes to ensure their home and family are both secure, and having a good home security system makes this much easier. These systems have the ability to lock the door and control surveillance cameras, all from a smartphone or tablet. They can also live stream the camera’s feed to your smartphone to check on the dog or make sure the home is safe from intruders.

Automating your home can be a wise decision, and will probably help you get people’s attention when selling your home, and whilst it may turn some people away don’t be too alarmed; plenty of buyers will be interested, and as long as you’re marketing to the right crowd you’ll get the offer you want.

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