Going for a Road Trip? Things to Keep in Mind

Preparation is the key to a safe holiday drive!

Road trips can be memorable – but you want to remember them because they were absolutely awesome and not because the car broke down or you forgot to pack something important. Whether you’re camping over Easter, enjoying a Christmas excursion or doing some long-weekend exploring, the right preparation will ensure you get where you’re going (and back) with a smile on your face.

With so much to see and do around Australia, the last thing you want is to miss out because your car has broken down. And that’s why you should have Budget Direct Roadside Assistance.

Is your car road-trip-ready?


Cars need care and attention to perform at their best. Have your local mechanic give your vehicle a complete check at least three weeks before departure so there’s time to fix any problems that show up. Checks should include things like:

It doesn’t hurt to give your car a good clean (internal and external) before you start packing it up for your trip as well.

Some items for your ‘do not forget’ list:

Don’t you hate it when you arrive at your destination and discover you’re missing something important? It could be your phone charger, your child’s favourite pillow, your comfy beach chair, vital medication or the contact details for your rental accommodation. Whatever it is, these lapses can sour a great trip.

The only way to make sure important stuff doesn’t get left behind is to make a list and check it off as you pack. Have just one person pack the car. This is usually much more efficient than having two or more people do it (plus you know exactly who to blame if something doesn’t make it in!).

Here are some extremely useful things to NOT forget:

It’s wise to have a few spare rags handy for checking/changing oil, etc. An old blanket is useful to rest on if you have to check under the car – your clothes won’t get quite so dirty. Pack a raincoat as well – sometimes flat tyres choose to happen in the pouring rain.

Always have a pen and bit of paper in the glove box, in case you’re in an accident and need to exchange contact details and information with another driver.

What about Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance can be a big relief if you ever have a mechanical breakdown, need help changing a tyre, find yourself with a dead car battery or desperately need a tow. Roadside Assistance is well worth the money – it can save you a ton of time and reduce the hassle if you have a problem out on the road. Your car insurer or state auto association can provide more information about the kinds of Roadside Assistance packages available. It’s probably a lot cheaper than you think.

Some final tips

Don’t over-pack or let any items obstruct the back window or block a good view of your blind spots. If feasible, bring a spare set of car keys along for the trip – just in case. Always lock your car if you leave it – even just for a few seconds. That’s all the time a thief needs.

Sometimes the excitement of wanting to get somewhere can cause us to push too hard. Make sure you plan for plenty of rest stops. It’s a road trip, so give yourself permission to relax!

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