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Fairer fuel rules for motorists

Fairer fuel rules for motorists

Fairer fuel rules for motorists


Confusing and misleading fuel price boards will soon be a thing of the past – but only in NSW.  They’re leading the rest of the country by introducing new laws stopping fuel companies from advertising price discounts that can only be redeemed by shopper dockets and other deals.

*Heavy sigh from motorists in every other state and territory.

So, what are the new laws and are other states and territories jumping on the station wagon?  We’ll have to wait and see.

The Federal Government announced in early July this year that they would work with all states and territories on a national approach to regulating price boards.  The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission were assigned to flesh out a set of standards for fuel price boards with the relevant fair trading regulators.  Since then it’s been relatively quiet on the fuel front until yesterday, when the NSW office of fair trading announced their own changes.

Fuel companies operating in NSW now have just over 12 months to modify their price boards to display the following:

– The two most popular petrol prices sold at the station, plus diesel and LPG

– Displayed price must be the price per litre available to all retail customers, that is, the normal price without any discounts or special offers

Unfortunately for motorists outside of NSW, it will continue to be a waiting game.  It’s up to each individual state and territory ‘when’ and ‘if’ standards set down by the ACCC will be implemented.  Until then, it’s up to consumers to stay savvy and not be fooled to pull in at the pump.

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