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Brace yourself for Schoolies Week

Brace yourself for Schoolies Week

Brace yourself for Schoolies Week

It is that time of year again when thousands of school leavers throw their text books in the air and chant “Schoolies Schoolies”.

The Schoolies celebrations start this weekend (mid November) and go through to late November with teenagers from across the country commemorating their graduation.

For those of you who don’t have school leavers going to this year’s celebration you still need to be aware of the thousands of teenagers that could be driving on and crossing the roads. Previous years there have been incidents where teenagers seem to of come out of nowhere and tragically have been hit by cars. Let’s be more aware and help prevent this from happening again.

Be familiar with the Schoolies Hot Spots

Gold Coast – Queensland
Sunshine Coast – Queensland
Byron Bay – New South Wales
Airlie Beach – Queensland
Lorne – Victoria

Be in the know

For parents of Schoolies there are several resources available which might go some way to putting your minds at ease.

The Queensland and NSW police will be scattered among all Schoolie Hot Spots to monitor and protect the areas.
There are also several friendly volunteer groups that organise non alcoholic events, meetings and support for all school leavers throughout the course of festivities.
More safety information and contacts can be found at

Overseas party goers, be prepared

If your school leaver is lucky enough to be going overseas to places like Bali and Thailand for Schoolies, you can help to make sure they’re prepared. Here are some tips to add to your checklist:

Have they researched the area well?
Have they organised travel insurance?
Did they register their travel plans?
Remind them to update you regularly on any changes to their travel plans
Stick in pairs or groups – never go anywhere alone

On a positive note, to all the school leavers we want to congratulate you and hope you have a safe and enjoyable celebration.

Be Safe!


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