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Birthday freebies Australia

Everyone loves a good freebie, and since birthdays are your own personal holiday, what better way to celebrate you then by getting some free treats. 

But what can be frustrating is that there are just too many freebies and treats to be consumed and enjoyed on the one day, or there are too many hoops and conditions to get your birthday freebie. 

We’ve organised our list so that you can see the offers that don’t require you to buy lots of additional things to receive your freebie and in the order they should be redeemed, such as, before your birthday, on your birthday itself, then by week, then by month to help you maximise the amount of birthday freebies you can get. In most cases you’ll just need to sign up to their rewards program before your birthday.

Remember, each place will have it’s own terms and conditions so make sure you check you’re eligible for your free treaties before you go to claim them!

To be redeemed before your birthday

Birthday Freebies Australia

Boost Juice

Get a free boost juice 2 days before your birthday through to 2 days after your birthday.

Hungry Jacks

Sign up with their online app and pre-order your free Whopper online up to 3 days before your birthday or on your birthday.

Mrs. Fields

Sign up and collect your card in-store before you redeem you free birthday cookie. You can get your cookie 7 days before and 7 days after your birthday.

San Churro

From the day before your birthday to the day after your birthday you can get a free churros for 2, just make sure you’re signed up to el social, their membership program first.

To be redeemed on your birthday 

Birthday Freebies Australia

Cold Rock

Get a free icecream on your birthday if you’re an active VIP member.

Gloria Jeans

Sign up to their rewards club and use your card to collect a free birthday drink on your birthday only.

Hokkaido Cheese Tart

Sign up on the Facebook Messenger chatbot to get a free cheesetart on your birthday.

To be redeemed the week of the birthday

Birthday Freebies Australia

Baskin Robbins

Free scoop of icecream for up to 14 days after your birthday if you sign up with their rewards program.

Lord of the Fries

Sign up before your birthday to receive a free fries and sauce valid for 14 days, starting from the day before your birthday. 

Sumo Salad

Valid for 7 days after your birthday, you can grab a free salad with your card. Make sure to register at least 2 weeks before your birthday.

To be redeemed in the birthday month

Birthday Freebies Australia


Chatime members (sign up at least 3 months in advance) can get a free tea during their birthday month.

Muffin Break

Muffin Break Club members can redeem a free birthday muffin during their birthday month.

Krispy Kreme

Sign up at least 4 weeks before your birthday to redeem a four pack of original glazed doughnuts or $10 off an online order.


Sign up to their rewards program and get a free scoop of icecream on your birthday or up to 4 weeks afterwards.

Jamaica Blue

Sign up to the loyalty program and use your card to get a free piece of cake in your birthday month.

Shingle Inn

Get a free cupcake during your birthday month if you’re a member of their VIP loyalty program.

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