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13 Tips To Help You Out In The Kitchen

With so many different utensils, ingredients, containers, and appliances all clamouring for attention, getting things done in the kitchen can be tough.

As if you don’t spend enough time in there already.

So here are some tips to help make things just a little bit easier for you.

Use cling wrap when measuring wet or sticky ingredients

To measure butter or other malleable ingredients without making a mess, line your measuring cup with cling wrap. You can easily pull out the wrap to get at the ingredients, and you’ll still have a clean measuring cup when you’re done.

For really sticky ingredients such as syrup, spray the cling wrap with cooking spray.

Wrap a rubber band around hard-to-open jars

If a jar seems like it just won’t open, wrap a rubber band around the lid to give your hands something to grip.

Photo Credited To Parade Magazine
Photo Credited To Parade Magazine

Use velcro to stop your tea towels falling on the floor

Sew Velcro strips on opposite ends of your tea towels to stop them slipping. This is especially useful if you keep them on your oven handle.

Clear a clogged sink with a two-litre soft drink bottle

You can make a quick plunger by cutting the top off a plastic 2-litre soft drink bottle

You can make a quick plunger by cutting the top off a plastic 2-litre soft drink bottle. Place the open end around the drain opening, and then squeeze firmly to blast the clog free.

Mix dish soap and water in a spray bottle

To make your dishwashing liquid last longer (and easier to use) fill a small spray bottle with 1/4 dishwashing liquid and 3/4 water. You can now spray it directly onto dishes so you don’t waste as much.

Store plastic shopping bags in empty wipes containers or tissue boxes

Plastic shopping bags are useful to have around the house. Gather them all up and stick them in an empty wipes container or tissue box. When you need a bag, just pull the top one free.

Photo Credited To Ocean Side
Photo Credited To Ocean Side

Use a wet paper towel to get drinks ice-cold

Instead of waiting for drinks to get cold in the refrigerator, wrap a damp paper towel them and put them in the freezer. They should be ice-cold in about 15 minutes.

Take a photo of what’s in your fridge

Take a photo of the contents and refer to it when deciding what you want

Standing around with the fridge door open while you decide what to eat wastes a lot of energy. Instead, take a photo of the contents and refer to it when deciding what you want. (Don’t forget to update the photo whenever you remove something.)

It can also help with your grocery shopping.

Boil water in the microwave before popping popcorn

Make your microwave popcorn taste fresher by boiling a bowl of water in the microwave before you pop the popcorn. The steam will make the kernels fluffy and moist.

Use an empty plastic bottle to separate egg yolks from the whites

Separate the yolk from the whites of an egg easily with an empty plastic bottle. Squeeze the bottle a little to drive out some of the air, then place the nozzle against the egg yolk and allow the bottle to resume its former shape. It should suck up the yolk, leaving only the whites behind.

Photo Credited To Foodinese
Photo Credited To Foodinese

Cut the top of your bag of potato chips as you go

Once you reach the bottom of your bag of chips, cut away the empty top portion to stop your hands and forearms getting messy.

The smaller bag will also be easier to store.

Use empty soft drink boxes to store cans

24-pack soft drink boxes are perfect for storing canned goods

Empty 12- or 24-pack soft drink boxes are perfect for storing canned goods. Fill them up, place them carefully in your cupboard, and you’ll never have to worry about can-valanches when you open up the door.

Use magazine holders as freezer shelves

It’s hard to keep track of items in the freezer when they’re covered in frost. Rather than stacking them on top of each other, use empty magazine holders and lay them on their sides inside the freezer. Most items should fit comfortably inside, and you’ll have an organized freezer where everything is easy to find.

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