The latest chapter of the campaign draw’s a picture of a Budget Direct customer taking advantage of our highly rated home insurance claims service, while pitying the situation ill-fated Captain Risky finds himself in as a non customer. Our newest TV ad allows Budget Direct to further showcase the depth and quality of customer service we provide to our customers.

The ad shows a Budget Direct customer at home, in the middle of the night and a branch comes crashing through her roof, moments later, we see her dial Budget Direct from her smartphone, talking to the call centre and suddenly things don’t look so bad. The TVC demonstrates the great value that customers receive and that they can rely on Budget Direct to look after them when things go wrong.

This is typically contrasted by Captain Risky, at home, using his bike with incredible skill, jumping and hopping on and off items of furniture. He accelerates at crazy speeds towards the carpeted staircase. The throttle gets stuck and Captain Risky reaches the top of the staircase way too fast. So fast that it acts like an indoor ramp, the bike takes off, and sends Captain Risky hurtling through a large, upstairs window. Captain Risky isn’t and never will be a Budget Direct customer so he misses out on the great benefits our customers receive.

Essentially, the campaign aims to show that customers “Get More with Budget Direct”.

‘Stunt Bike’ aired on Friday night, November 4th , with more installments to follow across television, digital and social channels.

‘Stunt Bike’ was directed by Hamish Rothwell at Goodoil, with effects by Alt VFX. Agency 303