Myth Debunked: Men do ask for directions when lost

September 8, 2015

Myth Debunked: Men do ask for directions when lost

A survey* has found the majority of male drivers will stop and ask for directions if they get lost - turning an old adage on its head.

The survey, conducted by Insurer of the Year** Budget Direct of 1000 motorists across Australia found 61% of men would stop and ask for directions, compared to 66% of women.

Where people lived and their ages appeared to be the biggest determinant on whether they would stop and ask for help, says Kimberley Moody, Senior Communications Manager, Budget Direct.

“The vast majority (75%) of rural drivers said they would ask for directions compared to just over half (58%) of suburban or inner-city drivers,” said Ms Moody. “And the older you get the more likely you are to stop for help, with 75% of drivers aged over 50 saying they would do so, compared to just 36% of drivers aged 18-20 years.”

The biggest reason for not wanting to approach a stranger for help was because drivers preferred to trust their GPS or map (62% of men and 56% of women).

Women were also concerned it might not be safe, with 45% citing this as a reason why they wouldn’t stop and ask for directions. Only 16% of men felt it might be unsafe to do so.

*Source: McCrindle Research Survey conducted 2015 on behalf of Budget Direct. 1023 respondents aged 18 and over participated from all states and territories.

**Money Magazine Awards 2015, based on analysis conducted by Canstar of 35 insurers’ car and home and contents insurance policies.

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