Australians' Financial Secrets

With the end of financial year upon us, and group certificates arriving in the mail, many people have that moment where they ask themselves, where did it all go? When it comes to spending, it seems Aussies can be a bit secretive with their partners.

An exclusive survey* by low cost insurance provider Budget Direct has found just over 1 in 3 Australians (34%) hide purchases from their partner. The top five hidden purchases are clothing, shoes, entertainment, junk food and technology.

We’re also a suspicious bunch, again with 1 in 3 (33%) checking their partner’s credit card statements. Females it appears are more suspicious than males, with 37% checking their partner’s credit card statements compared to 30% of males who do the same. Gen X (35-49) is the most suspicious generation, with 45% checking statements, whereas 27% of Baby Boomers take a sneaky peak at their other half’s credit card activity.

With tough times upon us, perhaps Australians are hiding their purchases from their partners because they know they should be saving instead, says Kimberley Moody Budget Direct Communications Manager.

“Our survey found it was couples with children who kept the most secrets about their buying habits. Given all the financial pressures facing families at the moment, it’s not surprising they’re trying to save, but in many cases still can’t say no to a treat once in a while.

“What all the hidden purchases had in common was they were non-essentials, the little luxuries that when times are tight we can all do without, but it appears we are unable to resist.

“What we found really fascinating at Budget Direct was the number of people who buy junk food and keep it secret from their loved ones. It would appear as though there are a lot of diets out there that aren’t being followed,” says Ms Moody.

As for our obsession with checking credit card statements, maybe it’s no coincidence that Gen X who checks up on their spouses most often, also has one of the highest divorce rates in Australia**.

*Source: McCrindle Research Survey conducted 2014 on behalf of Budge Direct. 1072 respondents aged 18 and over participated from all states and territories.
**Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics – Marriages and Divorces, Australia 2012.

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