Survey finds 31% of Australians believe toll roads are a rip-off

  • Survey finds 31% of Australians passionately opposed to toll roads.
  • 25% of Australians go out of their way to avoid toll roads.

As a number of Australian toll roads face financial hurdles, a recent survey by low cost insurance provider Budget Direct finds strong anti-toll sentiment among most motorists.

Budget Direct surveyed over a thousand Aussies and the results paint a negative picture for user pays roads.

The majority of motorists surveyed (63%) across Australia feel negative towards toll roads. A telling 31% of respondents are passionately opposed to them believing they’re a rip off, and drivers already pay enough in registration and taxes. 32% don’t like toll roads believing the government should provide public roads.

On a positive note 33% felt the user pays roads were good, although they can get expensive. Only 4% of Australians think they’re excellent, convenient and necessary.

The survey paints a very clear picture that Australians don’t like toll roads, says Margueritte Rossi Senior Manager Communications Budget Direct.

“Drivers will go out of their way to avoid paying a toll, even if it means their journey takes significantly longer,” says Ms Rossi.

Nationally 25% of motorists will go out of their way to avoid toll roads, even if it adds to their travel time. 15% are prepared to drive completely out of their way to avoid the tolls, despite adding significantly to their travel time. Adelaide motorists were the most likely to drive completely out of their way to avoid tolls (30%).

Despite being passionately opposed to them, almost 60% of Australians professed to using toll roads in their travels. Half (53%) use toll roads, but only when a significant amount of time will be saved. Only 7% of motorists use them whenever possible.

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