Pets, Australia’s most valued possessions.

September 25, 2013

  • Survey finds 49% of Australians would save their pet first in a house fire.

Australia’s bushfire season is sadly off to an early start this year. Today large areas of Queensland and New South Wales are under high, to severe fire weather warnings.

Low cost insurance provider Budget Direct is reminding all Australians who live in bushfire prone areas to make sure they are prepared, and especially not to forget their pets.

“We asked Australians if there was a fire, and their loved ones were ok, and it was safe to save something else what would they save first. Their resounding response was their pets,” says Margueritte Rossi Senior Manager Communications Budget Direct.

Nationwide 49% said they would grab Fido or Whiskers first, 24% would grab photos, 14% their computer or tablet, 6% heirlooms, 4% mobile phone and only 3% would save their jewellery.

Interestingly 56% or women would grab their pet, compared to 41% of men – perhaps a dog is a woman’s best friend?

With our furry friends being the number one priority, now is a good time to run through a pet fire safety checklist.

  • Does your pet have an up-to-date identification tag, with two phone numbers?
  • Have you got a cage to transport your pet safely, and are they familiar with being carried in that cage?
  • Are their vaccinations up-to-date?
  • Have you got a safe pet-friendly place identified if you have to evacuate?
  • Have you got additional pet food in your fire evacuation kit?
  • Take some up-to-date photos of your pets on your mobile to help with identification if they get lost?
  • Have you considered pet insurance, should they get injured in the emergency?

For more information on how to prepare your family for the bushfire season head to your state’s rural fire service website.

For the latest weather information, listen to your local radio station or visit
the Bureau of Meteorology web page at

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