What Women Really Want

August 2011

The majority of women (60%) believe that safety features are most important when purchasing a vehicle, debunking myths that females are more interested in the colour of the car than anything else. In fact, only 1% ranked colour as the biggest priority and 5% ranked colour as being the second most important factor says low cost car insurance provider Budget Direct.

In a quest to find out what women really want - more than 600 females were asked to fess up about what they really look for when purchasing a vehicle and while 7% admit they are lured to a convertible, the majority (42%) say they are satisfied with a sedan.

Spokesperson for Budget Direct Richelle Ward said women are a lot more confident when it comes to purchasing a vehicle and safety features rank high on the list.

Consumer demand for safety features may encourage manufactures to incorporate newer technologies that are capable of saving lives and this means a better result for all road users,” Ms Ward said.

The results show that when replacing a current vehicle - a whopping 79% of women will look for a new car at a car yard, while 14% of respondents say they still seek advice from a family member, only 7% were interested in attending an auction.

And supporting the claim that age really does matter, 52% of women prefer to shop for a brand new model, while anything three years or older hardly gets a second glance as only 23% of women prefer to shop in this market.

“When considering the total cost of owning a vehicle we recommend all buyers obtain a quick insurance quote as insurance prices could vary considerably depending on the vehicle purchased,” Ms Ward said.

And finally, it’s not good news for the ‘Green’ minded as results show a lack of concern for anything environmentally friendly, in fact, only 5% rated these features as most important, with16% rating environmentally friendly features as second most important.

“Price could play a major factor in why women aren’t opting for more environmentally friendly vehicles although all drivers have the option of reducing their carbon foot print by downsizing and/or using ethanol-blended fuels,” Ms Ward said.

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