Great or Hate Car Sticker Debate – Naked Ladies are a NO NO say Aussie Drivers!

November 2011

Politically themed and animated naked ladies have been voted the worst in the GREAT or HATE car sticker debate as more than 80% give the thumbs down to these inner expressions of Aussie culture says low cost car insurance provider Budget Direct.

With the help of Brisbane-based market researcher footprints, Budget Direct asked motorists to fess-up about what they really think of car antenna maps of Australia, external attachments like rain deer horns, and the latest invasion, stick figure families.

Spokesperson for Budget Direct Richelle Ward said car accessories are a great form of promotion although drivers should be cautious about what they are advertising – displaying a sticker for expensive stereo equipment you have installed may attract unwanted attention.

Stickers made especially for utes “Drive it like you stole it” and “I wish my girl friend was this dirty” proved to be another unpopular choice with a whopping 74% disapproving the Aussie icons custom made promoters.

And first place was a tie as 47% voted inspirational “Magic happens”, “Believe” and university promotional stickers as great. In second place are the fishing related car stickers “Gone Fishing”, “Will trade wife for Boat” and third place were Frangipani stickers at 40%.

State by State break down:

Brisbane’s highest ranking GREAT was inspirational and fishing related stickers with 49% while the biggest HATES were politically themed at 84%.

Melbourne’s highest ranking GREAT was the inspirational stickers 52% and animated naked ladies were rated as a HATE by 86%.

Sydney’s highest ranking GREAT was school and university stickers with 48% while the biggest HATES tied with political and animated naked ladies both at 86%.

“Many drivers get attached to their vehicle and are passionate about what accessories are on display. It’s a great way to personalise your car as long as they are not offensive or distracting to other drivers”, Ms Ward said.

Inspirational (Believe, Magic Happens)
Fishing (I’m going fishing, Will trade wife for boat)
School or University promotional stickers
Stick figure family
External attachments (Aussie, reindeer horns)

Politically themed
Animated ladies
Ute stickers (I wish my girlfriend was this dirty, Drive it like you stole it)
Car aerial shapes (maps of Australia, question marks)
Frangipani stickers

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