City drivers reveal their most embarrassing antics!

May 2009

While on average 20% of city motorists admit to belting out the power ballads when cruising in their car a presumably red-faced 15% fess up to backseat acts of love according to low cost car insurance provider Budget Direct.

With the help of Brisbane-based market researcher footprints, Budget Direct asked motorists in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to reveal embarrassing acts they’ve been caught doing inside their cars – with some surprising results!

In Sydney, a whopping 44% claim to be perfect angels behind the wheel compared 44% in Brisbane and 39% in Melbourne, while a larger than predicted 13% of respondents in the Brisbane area reported being sprung while in the act of back seat ‘canoodling’, and a further 12% admitted to picking their nose.

Budget Direct spokesperson Richelle Ward said “I’m sure most people can relate to doing things in the car they usually wouldn’t do in public and people do become complacent about who can see them when driving.

“It was a little surprising to find 13% of Brisbane motorists said they had been caught on at least one occasion whilst in the throes of passion, a little higher than we had originally anticipated.

In comparison, a risqué 18% of people in Melbourne, and 15% in Sydney, had also been caught in the act,” Ms Ward said.

Brisbane drivers were not to be out done in the singing stakes with 23% admitting to being caught singing loudly to a favourite song, compared to 19% in Sydney and 18% in Melbourne.

Possibly the most amusing of all the findings was the number of people caught picking their nose.

“Sydney drivers must have learnt the art of discretion, as only 8% admitted to being automotive nose pickers compared to 12% in both Brisbane and Melbourne.

“It’s interesting to note that, on average, more people had been caught in a back seat act of love – or at least admitted to it – than people who had picked their nose, Ms Ward said”.

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