Australian motorists love to boogie in the front seat and the back!

July 10, 2006

More than 40% of motorists across Australia believe they have never been caught doing anything embarrassing in the car, while the rest of us admit to changing clothes, backseat acts of love and singing loudly, according to survey figures release by car insurer Budget Direct.

Nearly 28,000 motorists across Australia were asked to confess about what goes on behind closed car doors and while some people consider the common motor vehicle just a mode of transport, others take good advantage of their time behind the wheel, with 11% of motorists admitting to the embarrassing deed of picking their nose.

While most figures across each state were surprisingly close, our Northern Territory counter parts proved the most daring with 20% of motorists admitting they have been caught engaging in a backseat act of love, Tasmania scored the lowest in that category with only 14% admitting to being caught on this one.

"Maybe that has something to do with the weather," said Budget Direct General Manager of Marketing John Dujmovic, who went on to say, "It's all about having a bit of fun and remembering that motor vehicles play a big part in people's lives."

The figures identified the less populated states to definitely be the bravest although comparing the eastern seaboard, Victoria and Queensland are loud and proud with 20% admitting they aren't shy when it comes to singing along to an embarrassing song.

"With petrol prices continuously on the rise it's nice to remember all the fun things associated with motoring. I'm sure most people can relate to doing things in the car they usually wouldn't do in public," Mr Dujmovic said.

New South Wales and South Australia came in equal first with 45% of drivers claiming they have never being caught doing anything out of the ordinary.

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